Knaken is a small family enterprise, situated next to Kaupanger stave church and the Sognefjord in western Norway. We are two archaeologists with our hearts dedicated to the sustainable development of the property of Kaupanger Manor. You will find us in the old sheep barn belonging to the Manor. We are open every day in the summertime, from 10.00-17.00. Knaken is also visitorcenter for Kaupanger stave church.

have fries and frozen pre-made burgers, a Head office or our own Parking lot (but you will find parking opportunities along the road just outside Knaken), uninspired or bored guides and employees, lots of equal mugs, jars and plates, industry-made ketchup, hearts in the coffee, plastic-trolls and Viking helmets with horn (never existed anyway), premade food or with unknown origin, a clue about the calories in our meals, always answers the phone (but please try again!), cook for awards, upstage our ingredients with elaborate techniques, or clutter them up with fancy sauces, and make stories to get you hooked.

A real town from the 12th century hidden under your feet, and a Stave church from the same period, devoted employees with real stories, who cook homemade food, which you are guaranteed to fall in love with!